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Create an Active Directory Test Lab

  Create an AD Test Lab There are two primary methods used by administrators to implement Dev/Test environments to protect Active Directory from errors while they try out administrative changes. There are numerous options for creating an Active Directory test lab. The first method is to clone the directory and the second is to recreate the directory. Each has benefits … Rm

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Active Directory compromised?

   Active Directory Compromised - Now What????    Whitepaper: Re-constituting Active Directory after a critical compromise or detection of an Advanced Persistent Threat  [box title="Update" color="#76EE00"]Update June 5th 2013: After a full year after I first suggested this approch, Microsoft Listened! They just released best practice guide to migrate after an APT. Please register on my blog and download my origination … Rm

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Cayosoft just announced a complimentary solution that allows you to report on the computers in Active Directory running Windows XP. This free solution will create a daily or weekly report showing the systems running XP that remain in your environment. The report is generated by Admin Assistant for Active Directory. Once the Admin Assistant is installed, you simply select your … Rm

Received this note today:   Hello, I wanted to reach out personally to let you know that we have made the decision to end of life the myOpenID service. myOpenID will be turned off on February 1, 2014. In 2006 Janrain created myOpenID to fulfill our vision to make registration and login easier on the web for people. Since that … Rm

It was reported today that Steve Ballmer will retire from Microsoft in 2014. Mr. Balmer has been a driving force in Microsoft for a very-very long time, yet there have been many who have suggested his departure will allow Microsoft to re-invent itself; something it has been struggling to do. While I believe Mr. Ballmer has not made perfect decisions … Rm

Aveksa Joins RSA Security Division to Help Transform Authentication and Identity Management Across Enterprise, Mobile and Cloud Environments It was bound to happen. With so few independent players left, Aveksa was ripe for the purchase. Read the press release here.

Dell added Data classification for unstructured data to Quest One. This is the same feature Microsoft added to Windows Server 2012 last year – that takes guts or stupidity. I’m guessing the later.  


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2013 – Febuary, Interview with Help Net Security: IT complexity and change auditing

2013 – January, Interview with TechRepublic on GRC: Change Auditing & Security

2011 – August, Presentation U.S. Airforce Security Conference HSPD-12 and the impact on logical access control.

2010 – January, Interview with Enterprise Systems Journal about Attestation

2010 – January 27th, 11am (EST). Achieve Access Accountability and Sustained Compliance with ActiveRoles Server Sign up at

2009 – October, Northeastern ActiveRoles Server User Group, Boston

2009 – September 16th, EMEA ActiveRoles Server User Group, Berlin Hilton

2009 – August, Randy Franklin Smith Webcast:Using Active Directory’s Delegation of Control and Auditing to Streamline Security Administration

2009 – May, Randy Franklin Smith Webcast: Access and Provisioning Challenges – Addressing the 8 Worst Areas for Risk and Cost During this webcast, Randy will discuss and demonstrates challenges that threaten AD efficiency and security and then Bob demonstrated how these could be resolved using ActiveRoles Server.

2009 – May, PowerScripting Podcast with Bob

2009 – May, Provisioning Web Cast

2009 – Feb, My interview in Enterprise Systems Journal

2007 – Whitepaper, Change Management: Path to a Secure, Efficient and Risk-Free Active Directory


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